Private Lesson


(Glendale, CA or Online Lesson)

Tuition for one session

30-minute lessons: $70 ($280 Monthly)

45-minute lessons: $90 ($360 Monthly)

60-minute lessons: $100 ($400 Monthly)


As I am managing many students, I would like to share my instructional policy so that I can continue to provide quality lessons to each individual and respect the busy schedule of all students/parents. 

My teaching style is one in which I recommend each student to attend his/her lesson every week on a consistent basis in order to build upon the instructions to develop the foundational skills necessary to play beautiful music.  

Tuition is charged monthly based on the number of weeks in the month.  Lesson fees for all weeks are due in advance at the first lesson of each month.  Acceptable form of payment is cash only. 

I require a 24-hour minimum cancellation notice.  Students must contact me at the latest on Friday for a Monday lesson to cancel or reschedule, NOT Saturday or Sunday.  If a 24-hour notice of cancellation is not given, the student forfeits the lesson and will be charged.

Canceling or missing a lesson does not reduce the monthly tuition and should not delay its payment.  A no-show will not be made up under any circumstances.  Any missed lessons cannot be credited to the following month but must be made up in the same month.  If the instructor has to cancel a lesson, a make up lesson will be given in the same month. There is no “make up of a make up” option.  If the student misses a make up lesson, the lesson is forfeited.  NO refunds will be issued for any absences; however, a credit will be issued for an instructor’s absence. 

The only same-day excused absence will be for a student’s illness or an unexpected family emergency.

I want to thank you all for entrusting in me this wonderful opportunity to share my love of music with you.  I am very grateful for each student and appreciate all the parents who want to enrich their  children with a quality music education.  I value your cooperation in following my policy so that each student can grow musically to the best of their abilities.

organist, pianist, and collaborative artist